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How German Shepherd Dog training methods you can use a food reward

German shepherd how to train , in the country as a German Shepherd and Collie its name has a big vote of fans, and Su Mu, as we train for the German Shepherd is very concerned about the , has missed some good German Shepherd training, German Shepherd then how do training, pet net today Xiao Bian gave you a good understanding of German Shepherd training of law which, we see it.

德国牧羊犬怎样训练 可以用食物奖励方法

(a) food reward method

That means using food as a reward to encourage the completion of the dog's behavior and actions. Dog training dog training by holding food, the dog perform some action, such as squatting, sitting, red, stop, back, etc., to give good food when action is completed, the dog understand the benefits of obedience and complete the action of reflection by conditions to develop skills. This method is easy to establish contact between people and dogs, but not universal, if this dog food declining interest, the completion of the adverse action.

(b) a mechanical method

This approach physiological stimulation combined with with a pain training using compression, jitter leash (leash), Hand , touching or the like, so that the dog continuously perform some actions. This method is suitable for strong nervous system in dogs, but it should be noted that this method, although the dogs have some fear, but of dog trainers trust will decline, psychological attachment will be affected, decreased interest in the training.

(c) Comparative Method

This method is a method of mechanically and method of combining a food reward, dog training completion of mandatory (but not rude) after subjects, immediately give a food reward. This method enables the firm to establish a good relationship between dog handlers with dogs who are the most commonly used basic dog training methods.

(d) mimic training method

The new dog training dogs trained to train with the new dog heard head dyed, will increase the training effect, this method is used for the training of dogs, the training also found in hunting hound.

(v) training program

training always start from the simple act of, from easy to difficult, gradual. Under normal circumstances, posture training is the most openBeginning subjects; make sure the puppy will be able to obey the command from the start of training, and are interested in attending training courses due to the external environment of the dog's attention is a disturbance during training, so choose a quiet environment is a must, and participation. most people can not be trained, so you made, I have a phrase, the password is not uniform, dog loss. When dogs do when you are asking for action, should be given petting and verbal reward, but should pay attention to the training time is not long, over time, attention has naturally not easy to concentrate.

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