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How to train border collie no more than five minutes each training

how to train border shepherd , everybody in the country to bring Shepherd heard to consider in detail, the most well-known is the Scottish shepherd, keeping people everywhere, and we may understand, and the equally famous Sumu border Collie also also highly welcome, as animal husbandry and the Soviet Union has a similar talent training, border collie has a very high ability to accept training, so if we find out about how to train border collie, Xiao Bian today how to train border Collie give you detailed introduction, take a look at it.

怎样训练边境牧羊犬 每次训练不超过5分钟

Training Points Border Collie:

1, each training Border Collie less than 5 minutes, a day to several times.

2, select the appropriate reward snack, but only be used for training.

3, gradually verbal praise instead of a food reward.

4, have patience when training Border Collie, not be too hasty.

5, Border Collie learning process is always pleasant and interesting.

6, when each training Border Collie, use the same password and gestures, passwords should be brief, gestures must be clear.

7, select the appropriate training time, such as after meals, urine.

8 ,. avoid around Border Collie let distractions.

9, and Border Collie eye contact and body language is very important.

10, regular practice and review is immutable truth.

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