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Dogs left standing must first teach them how to stand the dog

dog left standing , when students make mistakes, usually the teacher will make them stand up in class to let them learn that dogs can make mistakes when we do not let them stand up in class , you might say how this could, in fact, after training the dog was able to stand up in class, then how to make dog training do you stand up in class, pet net'll tell you about today small dog left standing specific training methods, we come to look at it.

狗狗罚站 首先就得教会狗狗该如何站立

will be standing pet dog too much, so sometimes make mistakes when the dog, the owner will be fined dog stand. Of course, dogs are four-legged animal, it is not born to stand. Dogs left standing also need to go through training.

1, to punish the dog to stand, then we must first teach it how to stand. In training when the dog let himself sitting face, hands and then pick up some food, let the dog in front of his nose and smell it, and then command it well.

2, in schematic dog training when you take over the hands of the food, we should slowly raise the hand in the process, keep the dog out of reach posture, the pet dog to eat food in your hands will try to stand up. This time also issued a "standing" command.

3, when the dog standing successful, you have to give it to the hands of the food, as it completed the training award, on command the dog to sit down. Trained dog for some time will know how to stand up.

4, with the dogs of course left standing stand dog training is a different concept, but also differ in approach to the dog. When dogs left standing, it may face strong, and issued orders to be more resolute, more apathy of some. Let the dog know you're angry, it is punishing it.

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