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Dog training should spend one hundred percent effort to educate them

dog training , now the city's dog owners are more and more, for some problems dog's attention is more and more broad. For dog owners, a problem most concerned about is the dog training problems, no matter what breed of dog, after feeding certainly be concerned about is the issue of training in this area, and today Xiao Bian gave you a good introduction to the attention of dog training Some aspects, we have to look at it.

 狗的训练 应该花百分百地精力去教育它们

due to the different degree of intelligence and obedience dog, dog training so there are difficult and easy. Subject to a high degree of natural dog training more effort, but there are also difficult to find a downside, but the drawbacks are usually found in the master body. Because the dog obedience is high, very understanding, so training up the difficulty will be much lower, which led to a lot of owners are not very concerned about the dog in training, always so-so, think it is almost on the line, it is precisely because of this attitude, so that the dog appeared a lot of bad habits.

the dog's temperament and behavior as the impact of dog owners subtle and deliberate training and change, this plasticity, both to help more dogs and humans live together in harmony, but and worthy of attention, because, precisely because it is too clever even sometimes self-righteous plasticity can be used to describe how the wind blows, when the dog and the owner may be able to get along for a long time is to read the owner's face, in order to quietly change their behavior, and when such a change toward dog owners want the opposite direction ran, and they often lead to some small accident, to each other's lives unpleasant. What to do when

In fact, the dog is a very intelligent animals after humans live a long time, they can slowly read some of our facial expressions, so we know if something expressions. Although it is the wind blows, but inevitably there is a false taste. So usually for training the dog must not be careless, we can not give up halfway. Dog training should carry out life's work, strict requirements on the dog, they can better fulfill our account of the work, but please behave this duplicity will not appear. And the harsh when we can not be too soft-hearted to help the dog consolidate strengthen memory, to know what things to do and what not to do things.

clever dog on the training itself will have certain advantages, but we can not because of this on the rightDogs trained to work lightly, carefully trained not on the same dog will develop bad habits, how the wind blows echoed this behavior is due to the sloppy training due. So whether we trained dogs Cong not smart, you should spend one hundred percent effort to educate them, so as to avoid them develop some minor ailments.

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