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How to teach a dog toilet dog toilet training

how to teach the dog urine, To date, the pet dog of the family, more and more pet dogs have fun when there are people depressed, like a dog like anywhere urine, can you imagine a dog bed and a toilet as it? so we have to train the dog's urine, for some beginners may not know much about how to teach the dog urine, Here's to teach by the small series everyone now.

怎么教狗狗大小便 训练狗狗大小便

The first day home dog training is the key of good hygiene practices, where it's often the first time the toilet is its future "favorite", so after the dog home, try not to let it run around everywhere at once, if it on a whim, jumped into your living room or bedroom, it is a major event on the worst. After the dog if you want the toilet on the balcony, it would first look barely human dog litter to the toilet (trumpet) on the dog on the balcony and then entered the room, (of course you do not choose to do the positive noon training, is not it?) just in case the dog it will hold back, he just is not on, try to feed it to eat, drink some water, usually within half an hour, it will go to the bathroom (but eat something to immediately close up, lest the dog is mistaken balcony dining room, toilet refusal on places to eat).

The most important thing is when the dog finally the toilet, to praise it softly, like "good dog, good boy," Do not be too excited, do not move, so as not to frighten it, pee and drew back a. After praise to encourage good habits and other dogs finishing things, very happy to praise it, touch it, kiss it, it is very proud of his to do the right thing. After the dog into the house, is likely to be in the wrong place peeing on the toilet, then it takes a stern voice (not severe means, do not get me wrong, the dog will break out and you are very pro-pigs fly!) to stop it, it a wonderful reflection on the balcony, the balcony is the place to let it know the toilet. Dog in the toilet, you can simply say "hush hush", after a long time, the dog will be "hush hush" The sound and "toilet" associate, after you call peeing next it can understand what you want it to do. Remember, every time you see the dog toilet in the right place, very happy to praise it, but the dogs love now Yo! Multi praise it, the more it will want to do what you want it to do , like people, are not you?

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