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How Shih Tzu training and closer relationship to the Shih Tzu

how Shih Tzu training , the Shih Tzu dog training has been the vast number of friends headache, with the noble qualities of Shih Tzu training it really is not easy, if you do not have a good way to train blind, may fall short of your expectations expected Oh, so everyone before training Shih Tzu, and more to find some information related to aspects of oh, if you content on the internet is not clear how, then you can also look at the following small series to you summarize the way Oh.

西施犬怎么训练 先拉近和西施犬的关系

[training] Shih Tzu first step

first and Shih Tzu closer relationship, saying "relations in the past the good things ", also for pet dogs. Parents should establish the image of the owner of the shortest hours at the Shih Tzu mind. Before the training you need to ease the Shih Tzu emotions, let it be familiar with the relevant training password.

[training] Shih Tzu second step

at the time of the training, you can take a mandatory approach, step by step guide dogs completed the training action, enhance memory dog, and gradually let it form a conditioned reflex habit. Shih Tzu training should be gradual, do not be aggressive bold training.

[training] Shih Tzu third step

in the training process, treat Shih Tzu's attitude is methodical. Attitude of justice, fairness, reward and punishment treat Shih Tzu is the best way. When it really tolerate criticism to correct mistakes, but also in a good performance when loud praise praise.

[training] Shih Tzu fourth step

Parents should understand that long-term repeated training also make Shih Tzu tired numb. They may also escape training, this time, sticks education is not the best way of tuning. Parents can take the method to lure food, toys, etc., to increase the fun Shih Tzu participating in the training. Moreover, if the judge has completely master a Shih Tzu training content, parents can be the next training, which would also avoid the same training content will Shih Tzu bored.

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