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Chihuahua dry nose how to do Fever will appear dry nose

Chihuahua dry nose how to do , the Chihuahua is a breed of small dog, so for some changes in their bodies, if the owner did not carefully observe the words are hard to find abnormal changes in their body , so parents need to raise Chihuahuas are more cautious. Sometimes because of some of the weather Chihuahua is easy to get sick, sometimes very dry nose appear phenomenon, that Chihuahuas dry nose how to do it? Let's look at it.

吉娃娃鼻子干怎么办 发烧也会出现鼻子干

Chihuahua dry nose causes:

for a long time does not lick is a reason Chihuahua cause nose dry in case of illness. Fever is also a cause of Chihuahua dry nose, body temperature plus because not lick the nose, the nose it easier to dry. There is also a main symptoms of the disease such as distemper early this terrible nose is dry, but also with the situation of paw pads chapped.

(1) Chihuahuas just woke up sleep time, sleep time because it does not lick the nose, so wake up naturally a bit dry, and that you do not stress it.

time (2) sometimes movement, Chihuahua too excited because it will not lick the nose, this case will dry nose.

Tectonic Chihuahua nose

chihuahuas nose, there are a lot of wrinkles, which makes the nose skin area increased many times, can accommodate more sense of smell cell. It is said, Chihuahua nose skin area, spread out the wrinkles in the case of four times of mankind. The four times does not sound impressive, but when I said the next few data, it is estimated that you will stare the human olfactory cells is 25 million, but a Chihuahua olfactory cells have 125 million to 220 million, the degree of sensitivity up to 100 times higher than humans can. No wonder now in many areas, human beings are dependent on the Chihuahua to completion of the human sense of smell can not do.

Tim Chihuahua wet nose allows a high degree of sensitivity. Chihuahua wet nose in the air may be contaminated with more odor molecules, but not hairy part of the internal nose there are a number of projections, odor molecules into the nose Chihuahua in Chihuahua brain will complete a series of analysis. Chihuahua wet nose, the nose is not a Chihuahua secretes somethingTo make the nose gets wet, Chihuahua is through with his tongue to lick the nose, and let the nose kept moist and sensitive state. Lick the nose, this is very difficult for us action for chihuahua It is very easy.

In fact, the price of Chihuahua dry nose is the body of unhealthy signals, many owners do not pay attention to this matter, if the dog's nose dry long hair, you should take the dog owners to consult the relevant Doctor, do not let the dog suffer the pain.

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