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Dogs with cryptorchidism how do pay more attention to the development of puppies

dogs suffering from cryptorchidism how to do , the owner of the house keeping boys dog for cryptorchidism can not be ignored, because the dog at high temperature stimulation, easily transformed into malignant cryptorchidism tumors.

狗狗患有隐睾症怎么办 多注意幼犬的发育

What is cryptorchidism

into the dog's testicles in the scrotum within two months after birth (only a relatively a small proportion will be dragged six months, so generally or in two months as the reference point), this time as Gao has not been found in the testes in the scrotum, it is called cryptorchidism.

The etiology

If a unilateral or bilateral testicular does not appear within the female underwear, usually in the groin testes can touch position. Currently in clinical observation, found suffering from this disease appears to be associated with genetic l but has not exactly been confirmed by experiments.

clinical symptoms

is usually no pain or other clinical symptoms, and only when testicular torsion, acute abdominal pain appear phenomenon.

When the dog testis-abdominal lesions appear Sertoli cell tumor, secrete large amounts of estrogen, leading to male dogs appear feminization, including breast enlargement sagging, back and sides of the abdomen emergence of symmetry hair removal, groin pigmentation of the skin and the foreskin drooping and other symptoms.

diagnostic modality

If the puppies are born more than two months, did not find in the overcast seam testes, the owner can take the dog to see the animals, MD, detail check.

The method of

will not enter into the scrotum testicles surgically removed administered.

breed predilection

Almost all dogs are reported cases, the incidence rate is about 1.2%. But the predilection of small poodle, Pomeranian and Yorkshire relatively high.

unilateral cryptorchidism ratio is more than would be bilateral cryptorchidism, the probability is about three times: right likely to suffer from a high probability of cryptorchidism suffering from cryptorchidism off than the left, which is about two times . Another way of saying, on clinical observation, found that this disease seems to be genetic, but has not yet confirmed the exact via experiments.

condition after treatment

generally in good condition after treatment, but regular follow-up.

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