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Dwarf Di Wen Terrier independent personality bold bright

bantam DI Wen Terrier character, bantam DI Wen Terrier has a huge and fluffy bun head, original training bantam DI Wen Terrier is to work on the land, and bantam Di Wen Terrier's character is more moderate clever, daring to do things carefully, long and short body. Today small'll tell you about the dog's personality.

矮脚狄文梗的性格 独立大胆聪明

easy to dirty dog ​​fur, the need for regular bathing. Generally summer once a week, once every two weeks in winter, usually when some dirty, rub with a wet towel on it. Bath with warm water, do not use cold water, use a pet shampoo, the employer can not use shampoo, soap, wash clean, clean spirit. Ear plugged with cotton bath, in order to avoid water ear, the ear canal caused by inflammation. The shampoo into the water, stir, then the dog into the water bath. After the bath use a dry towel dry the water on the hair and then comb the side electricity while blowing dry points, do not let the sun dry or dry naturally, so it is easy to make the dog sick. Note undercoat is dry, the focus is at the neck, armpit, groin, limbs, fingers, or prone to skin diseases.

In understanding the necessity of washing the dog, we first look at the characteristics of the structure and physiology of the skin of the dog, the dog's skin, poor resistance to external stimulation than human, human skin epidermis have 10- layer 15, PH5.5 (slightly acidic), sweat glands, and the dog only 3-5 layers of the skin epidermis, pH 7.5 (neutral), skin metabolism cycle is short, no sweat glands. These decisions no matter how good shampoo is not suitable for people with dogs. Bathe too often, does not completely dry, sebaceous glands easily damaged, coarse hair disorder dull, prone to skin diseases. Some owners particularly fond of health, bathe every day or several times a week the dog, which is obviously wrong. In addition, the dog's lips and face health can not be ignored, use a towel to clean after feeding. Anus, urethra area clean can not be forgotten.

bantam DI Wen Terrier character independent, strong, reservations, smart. Dwarf Di Wen terrier nature combines the look and dignity at work is tough and daring.

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