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How much is a Greyhound dog between 2500-4500 yuan

Greyhound how much money a , Greyhound is a more likable dog, its character is very gentle, relatively well-behaved obedient, very good family dog. It is also an excellent companion dog, talk to family members get along very harmonious. Of course, some families prefer to think of it as service dogs breeding. Greyhound how much money one? Here Xiaobian take everyone together to look at the price of Greyhound it.

灵缇犬多少钱一只 2500到4500元之间

China's major cities Greyhound Price:

First, Beijing Greyhound price

ordinary Greyhound: 2,500 yuan [123 ]

purebred greyhound: 3500-4500 per month

male-female difference up to: 500 yuan

Second, the Shanghai Greyhound price

ordinary Greyhound: about 5,000

up to male and female difference:: 1000-2000 dollars

purebred greyhound 500 yuan

Third, Harbin greyhound price

[123 ] Common greyhound: ranging from 500-1000

purebred greyhound: 2000-3000 dollars

up to male and female difference: 400 element

Notes [ 123]

in some cases, you might see a message purebred Greyhound low price. In this regard, we should hold attitude towards one kind of skeptical. If you really tempted to buy, it is best to be face to face transactions. Moreover, to buy time to pay attention to three things:

(1) the seller can come up with a general certificate of origin maternal and paternal lineage of the dog, get it out, purebred dogs difficult to protect.

(2) If this is a good constitution and keeping the right dog, the sale sellers are willing to issue a security guarantee 1-2 weeks.

(3) After the purchase is completed to determine the purchase, the two sides should sign the transfer certificate.

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