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How to train a cat to use food temptations may roll train

how to train cats to roll , it is very easy to roll for cats, kittens between when Xixi play, often do roll action. To follow the master roll command to complete the action, it must be trained. Training cats roll is very simple, let the cat stood on the floor, the trainer at the same time issued a "roll" command, gently wrestled cat and make it roll. So repeatedly, in the induction of the owner, when cats can roll their own, they should be immediately awarded food and caress. After each completed one action to give a reward. With the deepening of the process of skilled movements, gradually reducing the number of awards, until the abolition of reward. Once the formation of conditioned reflex, cat a "roll" command will make a roll action immediately.

如何训练猫打滚 可运用美食诱惑训练

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