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How to let the cat come to understand instructions to let the cat become familiar with the name

come to understand how to get the cat command , let the cat "to" action is the most basic actions generally can be successfully trained. Before the training, let the cat familiar with his name. Before each feeding told about the cat's name, over time, do not wait until after feeding a cat's name is called it will react, respond, such as when the cat looked up, it can be "to" action training.

如何让猫咪听懂过来的指令 让猫先熟悉名字

put food on the fixed location, call the owner of the cat's name and his mouth was issued "to" password. If the cat is not interested, there is no reaction, put the cat food showed Look, causing the cat's attention, then put food on the fixed location, issued a 'come' passwords. If the cat obediently came, just let it eat food and gently stroked the cat's head, back, encouragement. when the cat "to" relatively strong passwords conditions for the formation reflex, conditioned reflex to begin training for the gesture. Initially, the owner of the mouth shouting " to 'passwords, while waving to the cat. Then gradually only when the door beckons not shout so, when the cat to complete 'to' action based on gesture, to be rewarded.

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