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How training play dead cat playing dead cats good three-step training

how to play dead cat training, is now raising cats more and more friends, listen to get the cat to become the owner, then you would need to train them in the process of training the cat the method can be used incentives and penalties, and that how it played dead cat training? Here's a look at small series with net pet it.

怎么训练猫咪装死 三步骤训练好猫猫装死

The first step

training approach is: let the cats to lie down, is actually very simple, you can hand the cat cat gently down, in conjunction with the password to lie down. The difficulty lies in timely shots to tie the cat to lie down. When we shot down "lay down" the password, if cats did not do a good job, we need to hand it over, and to appease it, thinking it lying down it is a very enjoyable thing. Over time, you can contact the gunfire and lie down together, rather than under "Password" the.

The second step

lie down - slow down, let the cats to remain intact after lying down. This is the key to the success of the play dead cat show, cat if the owner did not get the command "Resurrection", that would be the people laugh. When the cat to lie down, the cat will soon try to start up, you want it to say "no", and press it again to Zhu, and so it gives food to encourage the quiet lie down. Remember, do not issue again, "lay down" the password, nor shout its name, to make it understand that this is just a continuation of the password, the password has not been lifted, it is necessary to wait until the owner shout its name, you can make it stand up. This lie down - delaying the training is the same for a long time to slowly increase, not overnight, anxious. This is a seemingly simple but actually a complex process, delaying much-needed training cats and the owner of patience.

The third step

wants to star as a cat, it must be acting to consummate the point, must accept the outside of the test, their feet aside lightly cats move, it still may not "wake up", if there is an attempt to up, it still says "no", it is still good to keep lying posture and encouragement, as above.


hear the name of the show.

When the cat heard the owner shouting the name of it, leaping quickly ran to the master, can not lieOh asleep on the floor. When the owner should get rewarded and you need a relatively warm high-pitched voice, "wake up" the cat, usually come in after training before accepting cats will be very easy to do this, remember when the cat ran in front of your some oh.

Small advice, cats are very self animal, if there is no training is successful, does not mean that stupid cat, or disobedient, not because of this reason is abandonment, the owner is to be responsible for raising animals basic requirements Oh!

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