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Cat sick three most common symptoms how do cats

sick cat how to do , for nursing cats each breeding cats friends must be done, and this was also the primary responsibility for raising cat person, but no matter how nursing cats also when there will be sick, so we need to be sick cat to common understanding, and then be able to do preventive work ahead of time, this can better protect the healthy growth of the cat.

猫咪病了怎么办 猫咪最常见的三种病症

a cat ringworm

Cats Ringworm is a common fungal infection. Cat ringworm infection and their skin resistance and dryness related to the environment cat. Good health of adult cats are generally not easily infected cat ringworm.

Symptoms: more in the face, trunk, limbs and tail, etc., the plaque appeared circular or elliptical, the above coated gray scales, color becomes rough, the plaque portion is Mao pinch pinch off or broken off, skin redness and slightly higher than the surrounding healthy skin.

Drug selection: clotrimazole cream [], [] or {ketoconazole cream Central Lee Ciclopirox cream], can be used either alone or alternating.

Treatment: water on the affected area of ​​the first hard callus dander and removed with a cotton swab, then the applicator, so that the drug can directly penetrate the skin of the affected area. Apply to the affected area 1-2 times one day, for 1-2 weeks to see significant results.

Second, ear mites or ear fungal infections

Ear mites is a common problem in cats. In addition to ear mites, fungal infections of the ear canal cats are also common. Fungal infections and ear and ear mites SYMPTOMS very similar, not easy to distinguish. Both diseases are contagious, but also preventative treatment for other cat while the cat infestation treatment.


otic itching, scratching pawl from time to time after the ear. Black brown ear canal seen secretions, and some form of an oil, as well as the Dry flaky. When Scratching may cause a suppurative otitis externa and otitis media trauma secondary bacterial infection.

Drug selection:

[Kang ear (ear drops cork)], [ear] Ling skin, ear wash water []

Ear ear mites and fungal infections symptoms are very similar, so in the selection of drugsOn the object, should be selected pleiotropic drug can solve both of these problems simultaneously, such as: [Kang ear (ear drops cork)]} or {spirit ear skin. Both are one three (ear mites, ear fungal infections and inflammation of the ear canal) drugs recommended. The ear wash [not] water, can be used [Kang ear (ear drops cork)] instead.


1) clean

Baoding live cat, the cat was added dropwise 2,3 ear drops [] ear wash water, then gently massage the cat's ears immediately at (you can hear the sound of the ear canal, there Guji ~ squeeze it out of the liquid), for a few seconds, so [as] ear wash water penetration in the ear the depths of the road. Then let go and let the cat shakes hard, so that you can put dirt in the ear canal thrown out. Finally wet paper (napkin) to the dirt thrown at the outer ear clean the line. The severity of symptoms of cat ear canal, can repeat the above steps.

at the time of the first treatment, need to completely clean up the cat's ear canal. After treatment directly on the drug. If ear mites serious, need to clean up once a day. The drug


After the cleaning, re Baoding live cat. In the ear canal again added dropwise cat [Kang ear (ear drops cork)], or [] Ling ear skin, extruded soybeans size within the ear canal. Gently at the cat's ears (ear canal can hear liquid squeezed Guji - that sounds), for a few seconds, so that drug penetration deep in the ear canal as possible. Adhere to 2-4 weeks will bear fruit.

suffering from cats should treat once a day, healthy cat preventive treatment can be carried out 1-2 times a week. L

Third, the insecticide in vivo

parasites are cat roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, coccidia. Tapeworms and roundworms which are more common. Infection with endoparasites cat fleas and social environment, and therefore, the body before the insecticide, have to do for the in vitro cat repellent. Cat in the social status of the body to do regular deworming treatment and prevention.


Parasitic Infection usually more serious cat show symptoms of malnutrition, such as rough hair disorder, dull, weight loss, anemia, spirit of the poor. Some cats will appear gastrointestinal symptoms,Such as: poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool. In addition to the tapeworm, most parasites are unable to see the naked eye. When tapeworm infections, tapeworm segments will creep out from the anus or discharged with the stool. Tapeworm segments was flat, white, scalable activity, less than 1cm elongation, rice grain-like shape is shortened. Part of the segments will be attached to the cat's hair around the anus, after drying to a like sesame seeds. Coccidia infection occurs mainly in kittens. Symptoms for sustained weight loss and diarrhea.

Drug selection:

[Praziquantel] oxazole: effective against tapeworms. Cheap, but the taste of the drug is large, given medicines more difficult.

[P] to kill: broad-spectrum anthelmintic, effective against roundworms and tapeworms. There is a certain taste, but taking small doses, it was easier orally.

[bar] wonderful: a broad-spectrum anthelmintic, effective against tapeworms and roundworms. Sugar-coated packaging, easy to take, but higher prices.

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