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Cat anorexia how to do most of the cats treated restore appetite

Cat anorexia how to do? Although the dog did not like greedy cat, but the cat has a certain food intake every day, but anorexia is certainly not a simple picky cats appear, but there may be a Why symptoms of the disease, so cat owners must first figure out anorexia, excluding find a solution after possible disease.

猫咪厌食怎么办 大部分猫经治疗可恢复胃口

probably many anorexia some kind of common disease symptoms, such as gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease, respiratory disease, neoplastic disease, oral ulcers, gingivitis, inflammation of certain parts or organs, urinary system diseases such as renal failure, stones, liver diseases, pain and the like.

At the same time anorexia may also be caused by a number of non-disease factors, such as anorexia might be when the cat in heat, or your food is indeed difficult to eat the occasional bad mood (Note cats have a bad mood when oh), a familiar living environment has undergone changes and other factors. So if you just tell the doctor your cat recently anorexia, bad things good, the doctor is accordingly difficult to know the cause of anorexia cat.

if complications should immediately see a doctor

as a master of how to do when we find cats anorexia? First of all we need to do is to more closely observe your cat's performance, in addition to anorexia and see there are no other symptoms or conditions.

as the cat is in heat? Cat's mental state is good? If the cat in estrus, and very good mental state, it does not have to hurry to see a doctor, because they are just not in the mood to eat in or picky only. Second, if there are other cats in addition to anorexia symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, mental and so the situation is very poor, have anorexia or cats more than three days, then you need to quickly contact a doctor to take him to inspect.

observed the cat symptoms of anorexia

to the hospital the doctor will give your cat how to see a doctor? First of all this alone anorexia symptoms the doctor is no way to make a diagnosis, then usually at home without your cat will observe a big help, because the doctor will ask you a lot about the situation such as cats cats Recently the situation.

there is no change cat food; cats living environment has not greatly changed; there had been what used drugs; there are no cats in addition to anorexiaDiarrhea, vomiting, polydipsia and polyuria; there is no cat vaccinated; there is content not eaten insects to fight drugs and so some of the details. Next, the doctor would be after the completion of the inquiry to the cat body examination, including body temperature, heart rate and breathing listen; check wound surface or mass; swollen lymph node; whether oral ulcers; by touching the abdomen to see if the liver, kidney and other organ enlargement, whether lump wait until the abdominal cavity.

by the above checks if the cat still can not determine the cause of anorexia, the doctor must further laboratory tests such as blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, X-rays and the like. Through the above examination, many of anorexia cat can successfully find the cause, but there is still a small part of the cat is still not confirmed, then the doctor can only give a preliminary treatment for the symptoms.

Most of the treated restore cats appetite

is usually carried out using different methods for the treatment of anorexia cat physician depending on the situation. In the case of a clear cause, the doctor will be treated for the cause, the cat can recover faster in many cases.

At the same time the doctor will take the necessary measures in accordance with the cat's body condition, the doctor will give kitty cat infusion time as dehydration; if anorexia too long cause hypoproteinemia, anemia, fatty liver, it must given nutritional treatment by other means.

In short, the cat anorexia, we must not be taken lightly, but in their daily lives must pay attention to observe the behavior of the cat, in order to find early signs of some diseases, thereby leading to early detection and early treatment.

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