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Kitten information kitten to be extra careful when feeding diet

kitten information, in a number of pets, any pet at an early age are the most vulnerable. Especially kittens. There are many types of cats, their rearing methods are very different, but if you want to raise a good cat, cat understanding of the habits is a must, whether we are aware of the habits of cats do? Let love small pet net below ed to tell you some information on the cat, do not understand this can come look oh.

小猫的资料 饲养小猫时要格外注意饮食

cats, feline belonging, separation cats, wild cats, is the world's broader family pet. Domestic cat ancestors presumably originated in ancient Egypt desert cat, Persian Persian, it has been domesticated 3,500 years (but not like a dog completely domesticated).

in a manner ambush hunting other animals, most of the climbing tree can. The toe end of a fat cat quality pads, so as not to make noise when walking, not running scared mouse when hunting. When traveling in a contracted state paws, claws are blunt to prevent, in the rat and climbing will be sticking out.

cat agile, good jump. Fish, rats, rabbits and so on.

The reason why cats love fish and mice, because cats are nocturnal animals, in order to be able to see things at night, requires a lot of taurine, fish and mice and in vivo on taurine, so not only because cats like to eat fish and mice, but also because their needs before eating. Cats as predators of rodents, can effectively reduce rodent damage to young crops and other crops, it can be seen from the cat-shaped "Miao" ancient Chinese agricultural life. Cats can nonchalantly walk in the high wall, with a little bounce, can not help but impressed by its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the reaction of nerve and balance outstanding cat. It is only slightly change the position and height of the tail can strike a balance of the body,

Folds recycled back foot muscles strong and sturdy joints can swiftly jump, fall can be even at high altitude changes in body position in the air, light and accurate landing. Good climb, but not good drop from the apex. Even falling from a height or jump off when the cat by the tail to adjust the balance so that all fours with padded. Be careful not to pull off the cat's tail, it will affect the balance, it will be easy to make the cat diarrhea, shorten the life of the cat.

painting cats on sleep state, the cat has 14 to 15 hours in a day spent in sleep, as well asCats to sleep more than 20 hours, so the cat is called "lazy cat." However, to carefully observe the cat to sleep the way you will find, as long as a little sound, the cat's ears will move, if someone approached, the cat will Teng all of a sudden wake up. Originally Cats are hunting animals, in order to keenly feel all movement of the outside world, it is not very dead sleep, so it should not be called "lazy" because a cat has only four to five hours sleep is true, most of the time should be considered in the "bunk" or called eyes closed. But from cats and humans to be used to compare the death of sleep, sleep longer period

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