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Domestic cat can be scratched, wash the wound with water

is the domestic cat scratch , due to the relatively well-behaved cat love to clean, a lot of families like to keep the cat, but the cat is due Zhao Jia relatively sharp, it is easy to play with them when they were arrested on hurt seriously when it is likely to bleed. If scratched or bleeding should be how to deal with it? Been a house cat scratch or need injections? Here we come to learn about it.

被家猫抓伤 可以先用水冲洗伤口

cat scratch how to do

1, the wound was washed with water first, as far as possible away virus, squeeze the blood out, then the wound disinfected with iodine, iodine and then alcohol wash.

2, immediately to the local epidemic prevention departments vaccination. The rabies incubation period of about 10 days faster onset, slow it may be several years.

3, if too severely scratched, injection of anti-virus serum must be used in conjunction with a vaccine. But anti-viral serum allergy may occur, therefore you must try the needle under the guidance of a doctor.

is the cat scratched bleeding how to do

after being scratched by a cat when bleeding occurs, if not bleeding, do not hurry to stop bleeding, let the blood run off the appropriate number. Because the bacteria can enter the wound through blood out; if not the more superficial wounds, the available 75% ethanol or 2% iodine rubbed disinfection 2 to 3 times, to wait until after the natural stop bleeding; if deep wounds, large area, with sterile saline or 0.1% benzalkonium bromide repeatedly wash the wound thoroughly. To prevent rabies, at least half an hour to rinse the wound, then coated with 75% alcohol, or 2% iodine. Wound dressings and sutures generally should not.

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