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The best time of sterilization cat sterilization

cat sterilization , I believe that many owners While pets have noticed that the cat in estrus particularly like to call, but do not love to eat, the worst is that they like the old Wangwaimian run. If they are pregnant and will give birth to baby cat litter, this time is the most tangled up. Feeding the cat too bad, I do not know how to deal with these kittens. So most owners give cats to undergo sterilization.

猫咪绝育 绝育手术的最佳时间

cat neutered a lot of advantages

1, with the growth of the age of the cat, the cat may continue to estrus suffered uterine ovarian diseases, breast cancer, especially cancer and reproductive problems such as infections, severe life-threatening.

2, we did the survey in the pet hospital: pet recommended by the physician, 70% -80% of cat owners will accept cat sterilization recommendations, the rest of the owners endured cat in heat after the torture, choose sterilization recommendations.

3, small cat neutered can save not only the tragic outcome of a child wandering, but also greatly reduces the chances of a variety of diseases. And the owner of the cat itself is a win-win choice!

cat neutered will not be dangerous?

When it comes to surgery, it is inevitable think of the danger this term. In actual fact, the cat neutered male cat, although larger than the difficulty, but also involves open surgery, suturing and other issues, but has been gradually improving pet health care today, cat sterilization but conventional surgical hospitals. Has a license to practice medicine physician can pet proficiency. As long as do relevant preoperative examination, surgical procedures to follow, with good postoperative care is surgical risk does not exist. Moreover, the current clinical use of inhaled anesthetics and suturing technique of intradermal, surgery greatly reduces the possibility of accidents!

The best time cat sterilization surgery

[123 ] 1, neutered cat optimum time is typically selected prior to sexual maturity, that is, 6 to 7 months of age before the first estrus.

2, sterilization should be done as early as possible, after the cat was born 4-6 months can be surgery. The sooner the more you can avoid the occurrence of reproductive disorders. Studies have shown that the greater the sterilization of age, the chance of future cat suffering from breast cancer will be. butAny studies have shown that sterilization surgery will affect their developmental cat before sexual maturity.

3, if your cat has little sexual maturity, or by the middle of the cat, the cat that is recommended resting period in between estrus. Surgery should be avoided in estrus.

after sterilization cat sure to do the daily care

cat like people, both physically and mentally fragile after surgery, the owner needs careful care. Pre-anesthesia care in the hospital as much as possible, avoid cat urine soaked sterile gauze abdominal wounds at the time of anesthesia after surgery is not regained consciousness. The first three days after surgery to the use of antibiotics and pain of injections or drugs. Postoperative support and encourage the cat on their own drinking water, feeding a comprehensive food and nutrition. Observe the cat urine is normal. Recovery period should be worn gowns to avoid cat licking wounds caused by pollution.

cat spayed, neutered accidentally fell into misunderstanding!

First, my house cat in heat once before, but then do not heat up, so do not undergo sterilization a.

Expert opinion: estrous cycle disorders but is a disease affects the alarm.

female cat in heat affected taste, season, state of health, other animals, and many other factors involved in IMPACT, after sexual maturity, cat hormones over time, can not be released, it will cause disorder estrus. And had estrus cat suddenly does not heat, but also hormonal disorders performance. Both performance are sounding the alarm system diseases of the reproductive cat to the owner, be sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Second, give the cat after sterilization to add more nutrition, usually eat less fresh food and more expensive to eat.

Expert opinion: after Sibu need to be cautious, poor diet it will affect cat health.

cat after sterilization should add high-quality, easy to digest meat, fish protein. Avoid excessive tonic to the cat, even overeating, which would allow his body cat overreact, causing indigestion. Try to avoid eating cat animal offal, beef and mutton, people eat cooked food and other "red-light district food." They should also avoid non-conventional food, especially homemade cat food appeared on the dinner plate, so as not to cause allergies. Advice from medical advice to eat cat food pet professional care after surgery.

cat as a companion animal has been widely raised in the majority of the cityIn private houses, with the owner happy companions. Cat owners should always pay attention to "physical and mental" health, love and give love in return will be unlimited upgrades!

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