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What are the steps to the cat a bath

Question: had a very docile cat to take a bath to be a terribly fierce, fierce and my whole body is made of water, I really do not know how to wash it, so I would like to ask the right step to the cat a bath What?

Cat bath

A: a few steps to the cat bath: [123 ]

(1) wet coat of the neck. Hold the cat's neck with his left hand soft fresh, so the cat will not just jump out. (Left hand Effort neither loose nor tight, the cat will not be shortness of breath, the head can also rotate, but will not escape from your hand) right hand watering, or take the nozzle below the neck coat wet.

(2) was poured an appropriate amount of special bath cat cat coat on and rub into the hair, the foam, rub carefully claws portion, an upper portion of the fuselage and tail Mao, after full foaming, rinse thoroughly with warm water until there is no bubble. (Cat just brought home after the first bath difficult to wash out colors, if your hands fast enough, the room temperature matters, but not overly cat fight, you can re-attached to the last bath and then lather , rinse, but if the room temperature is not enough, your hands and feet more slowly, but the cat is not very quiet, you will need to give her a wash at a later time.)

[123 ] (3) the cat hold out, gently stroked faster and lower portion of the water in the cat body, and then wiping with a dry towel, several dry as possible.

(4) with the lowest thermal profile hairdryer blowing cat coat, and with one hand constantly push lightly hair local machine blown in (as we blow hair as), if the cat compare adapt sound hairdryer, you can gradually increase the amount of wind hairdryer, but be careful not to let the hot air to the hot cat.

(5) when the cat's coat seventy-eight into dry, can use a brush hair again, this time will be a part of the hair falling off comb (cat does not lick the stomach to form a hairball affect the gastrointestinal function). If the cat hairy knot, you can help someone premise, carefullyThe obvious part cut with scissors (careful not to cut into the skin), not anxious, since you have time to slowly, it is safe to do this thing.

reading is not that the cat a bath step is actually very simple? As long as careful a little bit of patience, the cat will really enjoy the moment you give it a bath.

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