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Oriental Shorthair body features

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair with bright known for his lively, loyal to his master, appearance and characteristics of Siem Luo cat (details description) like, but it has its distinctive features, the purebred Oriental Shorthair What are the characteristics of the body have it?

First long, can be used to block an equilateral triangle set. Side profile is a straight line, no nose terminated. From the side profile view, slightly bulging skull. Snout small and exquisite shape. Long nose and address. Chin of medium size.

large ears, and a pitch, base width, sharp ears.

Eye medium size, almond-shaped, the tip is inclined significantly. A width of two pitches. Slender neck. In addition to white individuals of the species blue wink, wink to other individuals emerald. Red or cream-colored coat individual may have yellow or bronze eye. It should be noted that the species to wink 1 age was stabilized. Body slender slender, tubular. Abdomen narrow, delicate bones. Tight muscles, muscle fiber length.

slender legs, and the body is proportional to the front leg slightly shorter than the rear leg. Delicate bones. Pawl small oval. Slender tail, too slender base, tapering towards the tip.

The coat is short, dense, fine, silk, flat clothes. Health: muscular, strong, but not weight loss, but also light weight but heavy.

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