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Clean-up and hair cat owners must do every day


give themselves their own clean up cat hair, in this case, the owner also helped with cat comb it? The answer is yes, cleaning up cat hair is and that he will do the daily things, especially long-haired breeds.

cat Suki clean, it will often lick their tongue to remove dirt, grooming. But we can not put the care of the whole body to Maomi own. Since then soft hair, but also tongue licking the place, especially long-haired breeds, single Maomi difficult to keep the hair clean, so the owner of help is essential.

daily metabolism of fur care can not only remove dirt, lice, prevent hair balls, comb and brush is also beneficial to blood circulation, promote the skin. Kitten owners can also check regularly stroked his physical condition. The main thing is that the owner is the time to communicate and Kitten. Kitten in the master caresses and whispered words, the spirit will also settle down.

beginning Maomi may hate this touching, but as long as the step by step every day, a habit, Kitten also will keep up this up.

fur care products, Maomi special shampoo, care solution, powder, nail clippers, combs, etc., which can be bought in pet stores.

comb: comb teeth of the body to the sparse; tooth density for fleas; but also to prepare a small comb face. If the hole is made of steel comb can be used semi-permanently, it can also be pasteurized.

Nail: human nail clippers are elongated, not suitable for cats, cat must be dedicated to the job.

Further, a brush, a hair dryer, balls shearing scissors, swab cleaning ears, olive oil is not necessarily dedicated to Maomi.

brush : not easy to use static beast brush. Soft brush is suitable for long-haired breeds, hard point suitable for short-haired breeds. Shearing scissors ball, use blunt scissors so as not to hurt the skin. It may also be replaced by make-up cut or the nose hair trimmer.

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